WORK Caravans Photo Gallery

Welcome to our caravan images and picture gallery. Below you will find a selection from our extensive range of industrial, exploration and commercial caravans. Whether you are looking for a site office caravan, an industrial exploration caravan, mobile accommodation or a mobile food van, all your options are covered.

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Exploration Caravans

Exploration Caravans for Sale

Our exploration caravans and site office caravans have a robust design for remote applications in both the mining and civil industries.

Our designs make efficient use of space with plenty of storage options. The value of these mobile facilities lies in their portability, dramatically reducing time and additional relocation costs of other “slide-on / slide-off” structures. With the wide range of site office and exploration caravans we have for sale, there is something applicable to any sized job or budget.

Our mobile ablutions caravans, mobile lunchrooms, mobile accommodation caravans and transportable kitchens will help to complete any worksite.

The Work Caravans mobile classrooms and mobile medical / first-aid caravans allow education, training and healthcare to be brought to everyone Australia wide. These purpose built facilities allow professionals to access remote areas with little difficulty.