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Work Caravans mobile ablution blocks are built off-road tough with a focus on ease of cleaning and maintenance. Designed as an easily transportable package, they are the solution to all your transportable shower, toilet and laundry requirements.

shower-toilet-laundry-caravan “Mobile ablution blocks built off-road tough”

Whether you are in council, exploration, mine sites, caravan parks, emergency services or the entertainment industry, we can manufacture the ideal ablution caravan for your needs.

Our specialised construction methods provide you with a cost-effective solution for any short-term or permanent site requirement. We have portable shower, toilet and laundry caravans in a range of sizes and floor plans to suit any budget.

shower-toilet-laundry-caravan “Manufactured with a focus on ease of cleaning and maintenance”

MOBILE LAUNDRY: Our laundry vans provide washers, dryers and linen storage facilities to suit your specific needs.
MOBILE ABLUTION BLOCKS: We have a wide range of floor plans that we can tailor to your specific requirements. Our vans can be built to suit a set up into existing plumbing or can be built entirely self-sufficient for remote locations.

Our Ablution blocks range suits a diverse array of on or off road situations, including;

  • Council Crib rooms
  • Mine sites
  • Mining supplies
  • Drill sites
  • Exploration
  • Mobile camps
  • Caravan Park Accommodation
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Entertainment Festivals

We have hundreds of Work Caravans throughout Australia; from mine sites and camps to road works, building sites, councils and emergency organisations. The range of mobile ablution blocks for sale through Work Caravans provides quality toilet, shower and laundry facilities within a hygienic, relocatable and adaptable unit with numerous on or off-road solutions.

shower-toilet-laundry-caravan “The solution for your shower, toilet and laundry requirements”

Before you place an order for a mobile ablution block or mobile laundry caravan anywhere, come and talk to the caravan experts, so you can be sure all your expectations will be met.

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