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Work Caravans are one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of mobile site office caravans. With clients including hire companies, mine sites, camps, exploration, road works, councils and emergency services we understand the different requirements needed for specific industries. Our client’s needs are foremost and are incorporated in the design and build of all our caravans, taking into consideration the locations and remoteness they operate in.

site-office “Australia’s largest manufacturer of site office caravans”

We fabricate our portable site office caravans to the most rigid specifications for durability and quality, and take pride in sourcing our construction materials from other Australian companies. The result is a vastly superior transportable site office that not only meets but exceeds our stringent quality control systems. Our range of caravans are designed and engineered to excel, even in the most challenging and remote of work environments.

site-office “Fabricated to rigid specifications for durability and quality”

The range of transportable Site Office caravans that WORK Caravans have for sale suit a diverse array of on or off-road situations, including:

  • Mine Sites
  • Workers Camps
  • Exploration
  • Road Works
  • Councils
  • Emergency Services
  • Private Operators
  • Civil Operators
  • Relocatable Camps

Our range of mobile site office caravans has a robust design ideal for both remote and civil applications. Our designs make efficient use of space with plenty of storage options. With the wide range of site office and industrial caravans we have for sale, there is something applicable to any sized job or budget. Our mobile ablutions caravans, mobile lunchrooms, mobile accommodation caravans and transportable kitchens will help to complete any worksite.

site-office “Robust design ideal for both remote and civil applications”

Before you place an order for a transportable site office anywhere, come and talk to the caravan experts, so you can be sure all your expectations will be met.

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